Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Extra light

I have an extra Alien Bee 800 unit that I really should sell. This was my main light from I think early 2004 until sometime in 2007. In 2007 I bought four White Lightning units over the course of the year (same company, but a step up) and it became redundant. I sold off my other bee but kept this one as a backup and thinking it might be useful on location, but I haven't used it in probably two years.

I just plugged it in. Fired the flash at different powers. It works fine.

1. The fan's abnormally loud, although if this bugs you I'd recommend getting a White Lightning instead anyway because their fans are on thermostats and don't run all the time.
2. There are two sync cords in the bag. If you're not using a wireless system they might be useful, but are officially "as is" because sync cords are notoriously flaky.
3. I do have the optional bag but the zipper's toast. I'll throw in the bag for free - if you want a new one they're really cheap on the Alien Bee site.

New they're $280 plus shipping. On craigslist they go for 80-90% of new, and if I don't get an offer by Monday I'll list it there. Local pickup only, preferably in the east bay. No lowball offers, please, last time I sold one of these I was physically handing over the light for cash about 18 hours after I listed it on craigslist.

Oh, and it's "Alien Green" for those who care.


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