Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Even more housecleaning

The latest book is due to be retired 1/1/2010. I haven't had it in stock for a while so it's just a question of disabling it at the publisher. I'll probably do another one in the spring with the latest material (it's normally an annual project but 2009 got skipped due to the baby sucking up every spare moment!). I'll have to do a little competitive runoff - sending copies to Blurb and Lulu and whoever else does this stuff. Blurb seems to be the popular company right now but I keep hearing about people having all kinds of technical and service problems I've never seen at Lulu, but maybe they'll get things straightened out by then.

The other thing is I decided to give some warning about the "buy the set" experiment - after some initial interest sales have been slow enough that I don't think the ugly table I stuck on the bottom of each index page is justified. I might bring it back later if I can make it more attractive, but the current plan is to kill the feature sometime after 12/1/2009 (basically the next time I get the urge to regenerate the site after that).


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