Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cheap Drive

I have something like a dozen 1TB drives at this point (mostly backups - good thing too considering that my PC died completely.) I just bought a 1.5 TB Hard Drive for the first time because the prices are finally cheaper per TB, at least while this deal lasts. It's $130 and the 1TB version is $100. I have maybe a half dozen of the 1 TB model and they work great - the enclosure is basic but rugged. That's the enclosure I used to salvage the data off of my internal drives on the PC (just undo the screws, slide the drive out, slide the new one in, put the screws back in and roll. Voids your warranty obviously.)

I think the low price is because they're discontinuing that particular case design, which is a shame, so I have no idea how long the price will last. Anything lower than $150 and it's a great deal though.

Also note that these are USB only drives and not the fastest option. But I don't think most people edit on their externals - they edit on the fastest drive available and then use these for archiving. When you're done with a set copy it to a couple of externals and stick one in another room and another at a friend's house and you'll have a great backup system, even if something terrible happens to your main machine (stolen, water damage, virus...)


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