Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Somebody was asking what kind of mailing tube I use. I use these. They're about twice as thick as a regular tube, and about twice as expensive. And heavy, which means more shipping. A 3x25 holds a 16x20 print without telescoping it, and you can put in larger items by just pulling the center segment out a bit. Delivered to my door with tax they're about $70 for 25. I hate spending $3/tube but when I used the free post office tubes I was getting damaged prints and that's no fun for anybody.

Probably the next set will be up this weekend sometime. I'll probably go out of order and do one of the urban nude ones next so I don't get two in a row later. I have a couple of sets where I've done the first pass to weed out the best 25% or whatever because I can do that while watching TV! So they're all kind of at the same place and I can go forward with any of them.

I did end up deciding to get an iMac to replace my dead PC. I won't get it until November, but I'll post then what I think of it. I'll probably set it up as a dual boot system at some point, mostly for games and one or two useful utilities I haven't replaced yet. But there's no rush since I have an old/crappy/slow PC laptop I can use those utilities on and I don't have time for games at the moment. Basically everything's just running so smoothly on my MacBook I'd rather have the pain of buying another computer earlier than I intended versus reformatting and reinstalling everything on the PC and then probably doing it all over again in a year.

It's funny, you think, gee, an iMac, is it really going to have the horsepower for Photoshop CS4 but the build options on the 27" are really pretty good. And no, I don't care about the glossy screen. If you can tell the screen's glossy there's too much ambient light to edit anyway. I'd rather see the reflection and be able to eliminate it than just have a fuzzy bright area on a matte screen which is all that happens.

And yeah, they're a little more expensive, but they include lots of stuff that's optional on the PCs and I always found the Macs lasted longer, especially with the laptops. They're really pretty rugged and the way I use laptops I found the PCs just physically started falling apart - the screws fall out and the plastic gets cracked and the monitor flops around. And meanwhile my wife's MacBooks just keep ticking along.


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