Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well, I'd already been making noises about stopping shooting for a while, and today's trainwreck of a shoot that didn't happen really sealed that deal. I have a nude shoot scheduled a week from today, and some other shoots that are portrait work or not nude shoots or are in some stages of planning that I'll honor but basically I'm not going to book model shoots with anybody I'm not already talking to until at least the first of the year. Portrait shoots are always welcome, of course. And yes, if somebody really unique contacts me I'll talk to them, but I'm going to stop all my usual looking for models stuff.

I do have a fair amount of material that's already been shot but not edited that I can stretch that out through the rest of the year. I'd set a goal for a number of nude shoots for the year, and that's in the range so it's not a big deal. And I definitely need to do some work on the website. Sometimes it's good to take a step back from creating work and market/sell the work that's already there.

I also really want to take a step back and think about my photographic goals for 2010. What do I want to focus on? Do I want to stop working with the usual traveling art model crowd and focus on shooting really unique people even if it means only doing a third as many shoots? Is there a particular kind of really unique person? Or do I want to focus more on some area where I'm better off with an experienced model so I can focus on other things (urban nudes and light painting would be typical of this). And frankly I find it easier to think big picture when I'm not actively shooting. Just one of those things.


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