Sunday, October 04, 2009

New Model: Sarah Ann

Here's Sarah Ann, nude shoot #26 for the year.

I've actually taken #27 - #30 at this point (two urban night shoots, an outdoor shoot, and a studio shoot) and have two studio shoots scheduled around the end of the month so that puts me in a good range for the end of the year (I run 30-35 model shoots a year, plus portrait work, etc.) I'll be focusing less on regular shoots and more on web infrastructure, getting everything 100% up and running on the Mac, large format photography, etc. Maybe I'll do some light painting and some fire performer work. But not just doing shoots for the sake of doing shoots unless somebody really stunning is available.

To make everything work out so there's no big gap around the holidays I'm thinking I'll edit a set and get it on the site roughly every 10-14 days. But some are shorter and I might do a few earlier rather than later, especially if I do end up shooting a little more than expected.


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