Thursday, October 08, 2009

Interesting Article

There's an article in the Telegraph about posing nude, and using it as a form of therapy. Interesting stuff. I've seen some of the same reactions with folks who have posed for me, especially the portrait work. People really see themselves differently - always more positively - after going through the experience. People do it for a variety of reasons and sometimes it is fairly overtly therapeutic - they just got out of a bad, controlling relationship and they want to do something a bit wild but they also don't want the pictures on the Internet so they do it as a portrait shoot instead of a model shoot. Or they know they have body image issues and are hoping if they see themselves from the outside with decent lighting that they'll see themselves differently (they do).

Other folks just want to document a time in their life. That's common with maternity shoots, although often they've always wanted to model nude and the maternity part is just an excuse or just what got them motivated enough to do it now. I think that's also pretty common with another scenario - people getting them done as a wedding gift for their fiancee which is a pretty common situation. (Or sometimes it's a birthday or anniversary but wedding gift is the most common.) It's something they've always wanted to do, and that's as good a reason as any. Another twist is the tourism angle - they're maybe from some small town and it's not something they could do at home, but in San Francisco they figure it won't be a big deal to find somebody and they start Googling and find me.


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