Saturday, September 05, 2009

Post Shoot Notes: Berkeley By Night

Well, I survived another Berkeley shoot. That's Mischief Vixen who happened to be in town.

The one in color's a behind the scenes shot - you can see there's just a little flash with a tiny softbox on a lightweight light stand. I'm standing so the angle's not the same as in the final shot, and zoomed out, but it's the lighting I ended up using.

We shot with the flash in a coupe of locations and ambient light in one. The flash definitely attracts more attention than I'd like. There are some things I can do to minimize that, and I hadn't really considered how many people would be out and about late on a Friday night (especially frat boys). Almost nobody noticed, or admitted noticing me shooting early the prior morning but we definitely got some attention this time ("Can I take a picture too?")

But this is just what I was hoping for - it looks like there was just a really convenient streetlight there but no, it was pitch black. So it's artificial but it's not super obvious what's going on. In some other setups it's more clearly on-purpose lighting - we did a mix. It'll be a small set since we just did a very few locations and just a few shots at each but it was very educational and there's at least a couple of very cool shots in there that I couldn't have gotten any other way.

I'll post an ambient light shot tomorrow.


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