Friday, September 18, 2009

New Pictures: Berkeley Night Shoot

Subtitled "Argh!" First off, here are the pictures. Unfortunately my desktop PC has some issues. It won't boot - I can get all the data off, it's not a hardware problem, but my Windows install is hosed and I'll probably have to reinstall things (and of COURSE I have no idea where the XP install disk is, and Windows 7 isn't out for a month - if it was out now I'd just decide I might as well upgrade). I have one or two tricks left to try but I'm not hopeful. I'll probably also just get the Mac versions of a few things and shift those functions over to my laptop.

It shouldn't really have any big effect on my work here, except I'd have to hand edit and FTP the main index page to really link that set in properly and I'm not going to bother today - I want to focus on getting things running to whatever extent I can. The link's here and on twitter and Facebook (links in the sidebar) so hopefully that'll cover anybody who was actually expecting it today.

Update: I remembered that Adobe has 30 day trials of their stuff so I have Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc. running on my Mac now. So I can do most website stuff fairly easily, although for some things it would involve copying things to and from my old (crappy) PC laptop. It'll buy me some time, anyway. I'm increasingly thinking if I'm going to go to the work to reinstall everything on the PC I might as well just do it on my Mac and hopefully get a new Mac desktop when the next set of iMacs come out (in time for Christmas, according to scuttlebutt).

That's a long winded way of saying I've linked in this set, and I'll give it a shot to edit the next set in a timely fashion (a week or so).


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