Friday, September 25, 2009

Little updates

That's Miette. If you haven't seen her set yet, you should.

Things are going well. Sales have picked up - still largely in the 11x14s, I don't know what's up with that but it's fine by me. Portrait work is picking up too. For some odd combination of reasons I've had a lot of great models contacting me to shoot so I have an excessive shoot schedule for a while but that's the kind of problem you want to have. (It's a combination of some traveling models converging on the area, and some people coming out of retirement.) I'll probably get to my shoot goal for the year by the end of October, and I'll keep shooting after that but probably at a reduced rate - focus on the non-nudes a bit. But in terms of this site I'll try to even it out so that I post a new set roughly every 10 days from here on out - that should work out nicely.

The whole dead-PC debacle continues. I'm copying data to some Mac-formatted drives. It's taking forever because I'm making two Mac copies of all of the photo data which is about 2.5 TB (so 5 TB total). It's about 10 hours per TB on my poor laptop between two USB drives so I haven't been online much - I don't really want to mess with the machine when it's 5 hours into a copy.

I'm pretty much comitted to moving my photo workflow all onto the Mac, but probably leaving some odds and ends on the PC (possibly as a dual boot on a future hypothetical iMac if I can afford the new ones that are supposed to be coming out shortly). The missing link is HTML generation. Lightroom is very flexible/programmable in that regard and I'll probably try to reproduce my normal page with the shopping cart buttons and all that in the next couple of days. If it works I'll just be uploading a few sets in that format as a test, but next time I want to make a site-wide change I'll regenerate the whole thing. Assuming it works, of course, for all I know once I actually start there will be some roadblock. Fingers are crossed...


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