Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I set it up so that I'd be all caught up in editing before I had my first full days with just me and the baby. Good thing too - it's going OK but I have plenty on my plate already and somehow I ended up with a ton of shoots scheduled - I think it's five in September and one or two in October, plus I'm talking to a couple of models about setting something up. It's just the way the scheduling worked out. Most of it's outdoor work which takes less time to edit - fewer shots total plus a lower percentage of keepers - in the studio I have so much control that most of the shots should at least be OK, right?. Only one's a night shoot, I'm not being super aggressive about that since it will get a little easier later in the year when it gets dark earlier. (I should maybe explain that we have an overly complicated schedule where I have the baby a lot of the normal work week but not all - so I can do early morning shoots on certain days and the usual afternoon studio shoots on certain days, etc. etc.)

Since I'm not used to having her all day we don't really have an afternoon routine down yet. Mornings got much easier after a week or two so hopefully afternoons will fall into a rhythm as well.

Other than that, trying to keep my "to do" list manageable, keeping an eye on the Station Fire (relatives still safe, although I know one gal who's pretty close to the active area. Mt. Wilson seems like it's not immediately threatened but not safe either - one shift in the wind and things can change fast.) There's fires all over, too, so everything's spread pretty thin - I know the Auburn fire has wiped out a bunch of houses - lovely area, too. I'm still finding twitter the best place for updates oddly enough.

Anyway, I have shoots Thursday and Friday this week so I'll have at least some shots up then...


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