Friday, August 21, 2009

Twitter Change

I updated my username to be my actual name -

If you're a follower it should just figure it out, but if there are any broken links somewhere my apologies.

Speaking of broken links, I just fiddled with the templates for the image pages so if I broke something feel free to comment. It's nothing major - I just made some little changes based on feedback. As a side effect the "Buy the Whole Set" option now appears for every set (or should). It's still an experiment and subject to removal. If nothing else it looks pretty clunky at the bottom of the page like and if I decide to keep it I'll have to fiddle with it.

It turns out there's over 6,000 pictures on the website, by the way. I've been pretty aggressive about retiring older material or it would be more like 10,000. I think the next step is to stop doing whole-set purging and take a pass through all the sets and just be really picky in letting images stay. That's one of these jobs that will get done gradually as I have a few minutes here and there but if there's something you've been meaning to get, get it.


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