Monday, August 10, 2009

Post Shoot Notes: Lindsay

As usual, just grabbed a couple of shots from the thumbnails as things were copying.

I have one set to edit before Lindsay's, but it's mostly done. It was a short shoot so it's going fast. Actually Lindsay's shoot was a bit short as well. It was later than I'd usually start, and it's really hot and smoggy and we were both a bit tired. And sometimes it's better to just keep moving through my to do list for the shoot at a good clip rather than shooting extra shots of each setup "just in case". As you can see from the one shot I'm still playing with gels - partially I just had some new colors, and also a new way of attaching them, and I really liked how some of the shots with Brooke looked so I'll keep playing with those for a bit longer I suspect. This shoot was a bit more light-hearted so I went with a great pink and a nice blue (not shown here).


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