Friday, August 14, 2009

New Model: Phoebe

I've uploaded Phoebe's set. I actually had it done yesterday and then the little one got fussy so I just uploaded a link to twitter and didn't get around to really hooking it into the website until just now. This was mostly a test shoot but she's darn cute and we got some nice shots out of it if I do say so myself.

In other news...

...I've been shooting and developing film again. Nothing I really care to share yet (and I'll have to get a 4x5 capable scanner before sharing some of it) but it's rolling along nicely.

...I have a couple of studio shoots scheduled over the next six weeks but I'm mostly going to be focusing on getting a couple of nice urban shoots done. I have location scouting to do but hopefully it will all work out. But I think for as long as a couple of months there will probably be fewer shoots but different kind of stuff than I've been doing.

...There's apparently a really good chance of a BART (subway) strike starting this weekend. I'll be honest - I haven't paid that much attention to the details since I've been busy with the baby and keeping this business going but everybody who's mentioned it has basically had the reaction of "Everybody else has pay cuts and they're complaining their raise wasn't big enough?" I'm not sure if they're greedy bastards or they just have really bad PR but if they think killing commute options and screwing up traffic will give them converts they're wrong - if you're going to do that you need to lay the groundwork first and let people know your story or you just get a backlash. As of now at the sfgate article the top comments are all anti-strike and have massive votes to that effect (1000 to 59! 797 to 50 on the one that starts "Fire them"). Again, I haven't followed it enough to have a strong opinion on if they have legitimate grievances or not, but man, as a strategy move it's just mind bogglingly bizarre. Not only are they unlikely to win this one, but being perceived (rightly or wrongly) as the ones who were greedy at the same time teachers are being laid off isn't going to help them next time when things have recovered...


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