Friday, August 07, 2009

New Model: Brooke Lynne

I just uploaded the new set with the lovely Brooke Lynne. Luckily my little one took an extra long morning nap otherwise it wouldn't have gotten done today.

Other news... I have a couple of great models scheduled over the next two months. I have one set ready to edit, too, so hopefully the updates will be fairly regular if a bit slower than they were for a while. This was still nude shoot #20 for the year posted to the website so I'm right on track for this year.

I bought a Holga that I'm going to use as a pinhole camera, Lord help me. A pinhole camera is just what it sounds like - it uses a hole instead of optics and basically you get a really slow camera but with massive depth of field. People often set them on the ground because objects very close to the camera will be in focus as well as the background. A Holga actually makes a pretty decent body to do that with - last time I did it was in a Quaker Oats box so this is a step up!

I need to get out of the house to shoot a test roll. Luckily we usually take a late morning walk - I wonder how her stroller will work as a tripod? (Actually, what I need is a Gorillapod - that would be cool on the stroller both for the Holga and for a point and shoot. You could set it just above wheel level and take movies as you zip around... Hmmm....) So I'll develop a roll from that and a roll from a model shoot that I never developed (oops) and make sure there are no surprises with my water or chemistry or whatever and then I'll be jumping back on the large format path. I'm going to need a new scanner unfortunately (mine only does medium format) so everybody go buy some art. ;-) Oh, how convenient, there's a new set up...


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