Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Little Updates

The next couple of weeks I'm going to be adjusting to a new schedule, and I think everything's going to work out nicely, but in the short term probably not so much.

In any case, expect Lindsay's set on Friday (the 28th), plus or minus a day. To see it first, fan me on my new Facebook page.

I have three shoots scheduled in September with experienced traveling models (meaning, they should show up, but you never know). I have a couple of local models of various levels of experience that I'm talking to about shooting but nothing really solid. But even with some failures there should be a pretty decent flow of new work. It's going to be a mix of studio and outdoors. And then I'm thinking in October it's going to make sense to do some night shoots primarily so I can do at least some light painting in-studio and for outdoors I need to track down some fire performers.

I've been progressing slowly with some large format stuff, but I just haven't had the time to really focus on it. I did order a big scanner that can handle up to 8x10 negatives so I feel kind of comitted - those suckers aren't cheap.

I want to do more kite aerial photography but it's been smoggy/smoky so that got pushed back a bit.


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