Monday, August 17, 2009

First and last

I just started looking at Lindsay's shoot. Most of today so far was spent installing baseboard (We never quite finished the various fix-up projects in the new place. Or unpacking for that matter. Sigh.) Here's the first and last frame - usual color chart stuff and we finished up with some sitting poses.

Oddly enough the color chart's just a bit warm in this shot - one thing about the chart is you can use it to get very accurate color, but you can also use it as a kind of baseline - if a model has super pale skin you might want to warm things up a bit, but do it in a consistent fashion. It really helps if you have a chart for each kind of lighting and then you can just add some consistent amount of warmth across the board. I have no idea if these will be final settings - it's the kind of decision I'll make for real when I get further along, but as long as I was extracting one out for the blog I decided to go a bit warmer.


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