Monday, August 24, 2009

Facebook Page

It turns out it's making more sense to have both my regular Facebook account and a Facebook page. They're pretty similar but the benefits to my mind are that it's public, and people can check it out before fanning it (not that there's much there now), I can feel free to post baby and domestic stuff to the personal account and nude women to the public page, and people don't have to be mutual friends to be a fan - which means more privacy for the customer, since I don't get access to all of your stuff.

Makes sense, huh?

It's basically just a stub as I write this, but if you want to sign up for it now's a good time, since I'm likely to post the link to Lindsay's shoot there first and at a good discount. Plus as I write this I'm the only fan which is just embarrassing so you'll make me happy!


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