Wednesday, August 05, 2009

eBay notes

Well, it's that time again - time to start seriously listing on eBay again. I've been doing kind of a halfassed on again off again thing the last couple of months - it has its advantages and disadvantages and given season issues and my personal time issues I've been listing just enough to drive a little extra traffic without paying a ton in listing fees. But it's August and historically that's not too bad of a month (July sales are usually awful even in a good year), and it's time to really get rolling again. Not just listing but some boring inventory stuff - part of the point of eBay is to do something with any extra prints I have because of my lab's minimum order size. So I have a couple of three ring binders full of prints but basically if you don't maintain your store as things sell you end up with a store full of stuff that didn't sell.

Anyway, I've done all that - removed some old stuff, added some new stuff, and did the same thing with my whole inventory. I started listing auction items and I'll do that daily (probably scheduling a week at a time given that just now time efficiency is probably more important than the 10 cent scheduling fee).

Personally I think it makes more sense for most customers to buy direct - you can get whatever you want, any size, no need to deal with auctions. But some people like it, especially for a first transaction (I have excellent feedback which is reassuring), and it really is a great first point of contact to get new customers. Anyway, if that's your preference, check it out.


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