Monday, August 03, 2009

August Price Increases

I'm home safe from Santa Fe - I'll try to write up a few thoughts on that tomorrow.

As regulars know I've been adjusting prices twice a year - February and August - to catch up after a long period of no increases. At this point I'm leaving the lab and fiber prints alone but I'm increasing prices on the alternative process prints. And specifically just on the made-to-order ones on this website using the shopping cart option. Basically with my wife back at work and a three month old to look after if I'm going to be figuring out what to do with the baby and blocking out a day to do printmaking that's just another level of complexity that I have to factor into the price.

On the flip side I'm going to leave prices alone for prints I already have in stock, and hopefully I'll get a chance to replenish those now and again. Right now those are listed only in my eBay store, but I've decided to figure out some way to also list them here. More on that when I have a solution in place.

Anyway, here's the current pricing as of now:

Lab prints (unchanged):
8x10 $49.95
11x14 $99.95
16x20 $149.95

Silver fiber prints (unchanged):
8x10 $149.95
11x14 $299.95
16x20 $449.95

Handmade prints:
cyanotype $199.95
platinum $299.95
cyanotype over platinum $499.95


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