Thursday, August 20, 2009

Art Art Art

In May and June I commented on my progress making my way through the various big summer exhibits at various local museums. Partially because of a last minute shoot cancellation I ended up with a hole in my schedule and I went to see Lords of the Samurai and Tut. Both are very cool. We happen to be members at both the Asian Art Museum and the de Young because they both have really cheap memberships for educators. So the Samurai were free but Tut was just slightly discounted.

Both were very cool. You want to go to the Samurai exhibit early in the morning to avoid crowds. Tut I don't think there's much you can do - we got there close to opening and was able to get a timed entry ticket for the current time but they seem to be letting people in based on fire codes/safety and not based on actually being able to see everything. And given their layout where there wasn't a clear order to see things within a room and everybody kept blocking each other trying to get to different things it was basically gridlock. Cool exhibit but I think they might actually get people through faster if they slowed things down a bit further at entry just a little bit so people wouldn't be in each others way quite so much.

As always, if you have a baby a sling is pretty much a must for this kind of thing. Even if they were allowed in (and I'm not sure that they were) there's no way to navigate a crowd like that with a stroller and carrying a wiggly baby for that long gets old fast. We saw one lucky guy whose baby was actually asleep in the sling but ours likes to look around and check people out. They also have some cool photography right now (they usually do) but it's not in the usual place - ask a guard or docent or somebody because they didn't bother to print new map-brochures.

I should also hit SFMOMA again to check out the Richard Avedon exhibit but I have until the end of November.


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