Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Triple Kelp

Brings to mind a product name - "Triple Flake Medicated Powder".

I've had a bunch of great shoots in a row but we return once again to the kelpy model stories.

1. Call 10 minutes before the shoot saying she'll be late. And it sounds like it will be at least an hour, maybe more, and I can't do it that late (I was fitting her in an already crowded schedule). Shame too - I'd set up the studio, cut up some gels - I have a couple of ideas of things I'd like to do with gels. Fresh roll of background paper too.

2. So I sat down and started reviewing my upcoming shoots to see where I could move the things I was going to try with model #1 and I realized that given the model's detailed itinerary (traveling model) she was going to be in Los Angeles on our shoot date, not San Francisco (about 400 miles away). I checked in and sure enough we won't be able to shoot - somehow she got her dates mixed up initially and then after that apparently thought I must be in Los Angeles since that's when I was scheduled. At least I caught it now instead of then.

3. I have a photographer (yes, a photographer kelp story) who has owed me a print for over a month. Keeps saying she'll send it, has it in hand, will head to the post office right now. Nothing. And then you wonder why people are reluctant to buy things direct from artists over the Internet. Given how much I rely on repeat customers and referrals I just can't imagine screwing somebody over like that but it seems to happen all too often.

On the plus side I've had enough great shoots that I have plenty of material to edit, and I had a great pre-meet with a model who I'll hopefully be shooting fairly soon. She's your classic first timer - 18, never really thought of herself as a model but ran into the site somehow and likes my work and wants to get involved.


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