Monday, July 20, 2009

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I'm editing shoots as I can while I look after the baby. It's slow going but it's the kind of job you can do in bits and pieces depending on her mood. I have three shoots to edit and at least three scheduled although some of them are scheduled pretty far out. So I should be OK for material for a while.

In other news...

I saw the new Harry Potter film. Thank God for grandparents/babysitters. Liked it, but it could have used a bit more Luna. She's the only comic relief and I like the actress as well as the character - she does a really nice job with the part. There was one moment early on where the special effects sucked which is kind of weird. With their budget everything should have been to the modern standard which is that you don't even notice most of it. It's just that the world works that way...

Still loving the new MacBook (the 15"). I guess some people have had some problems with the 7200 rpm drives but I've been fine so far (knock on aluminum). I'm definitely going to either have to make sure I can do everything I need to do with Mac software or start looking into the various solutions to run Windows so I can replace my desktop machine in a year or two. (Hopefully two!)

I've had people asking if I was going to get a 5D Mark II since when it first came out I was thinking about it and I blogged about it a little. And the answer for now is no, I don't think it makes sense. There are some cool things about it, but it was clearly a rush job (not upgrading the autofocus from the 3 year old 5D is a hint, the fact that Canon added features to the video capabilities after ship via a firmware upgrade is another. Canon almost never adds features in firmware, unlike Nikon.) And especially with print sales and portrait work down due to the economy it's not really the time to be making large capital investments. I'd hate to be that guy bragging about his new $2700 camera one month and moaning that he can't afford models the next. If God Forbid I have a camera fail I'll revisit the issue (which is what happened with the laptop - my cheap ass Dell finally had one too many problems to deal with) but the hope is definitely to either make it to the next model (anything full-frame in that body size - I don't like the big clunky 1D bodies) or until the price drops a bit. I have a 5D and 40D that are from early 2008 I believe so they're not super old or anything.

I'm going to APIS for those of you who know what that means.


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