Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Not much more than half my readers are in the US, but if the rest of you want to go BBQ some meat and blow some shit up as well feel free to join the party. Even the North Koreans appear to be celebrating. Just don't get carried away, 'k?

It'll be interesting to see what it sounds like this year. I'm further from the Oakland border and all of the wildly illegal explosives, rockets going into the air, etc. etc. always came from the direction of Oakland. Not to mention people firing guns into the air which is a level of stupid I have trouble comprehending (there's a bunch of good ranges in the area - if you want to shoot some guns on the 4th safely it's really not a problem). So hopefully we won't have quite the same war zone effect.

(re: the ready availability of illegal stuff - I should perhaps explain that in CA while the firework laws vary by city there's a state wide ban on things that blow up or go into the air. Some of this has to do with some bad fires back in the day, some is just nanny stateism. But Reno's something like a two hour drive, and pretty much everything's legal in Nevada, and you can rent a U-Haul easily enough... and since the "safe and sane" stuff's illegal in a lot of cities if you're going to break the law you might as well get something dangerous and stupid, right? The more they restrict the basic stuff, the more you see the big stuff... Oh, and there's a wonderful year round fireworks shop at exit 231, Battle Mountain on the 80 which is pretty much the road you'll be on if you're heading east from here. So the chance of your average Californian having the remains of a brick of firecrackers in the back of the closet somewhere is actually pretty high.)


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