Monday, June 08, 2009


I saw Up. Just an amazingly well constructed film - Pixar almost always does a great job but this one's probably in a two way tie for first for me. There's a fun local reference - Fentons ice cream is a real place. When Oakland was trying to screw them I wrote to the city council defending them. I think a lot of other people did too - they're pretty beloved.

WWDC is starting today and the Apple store is down. I've been to WWDC but not in years - the year I went Gil Amileo just took over as CEO. I'm probably going to get a Mac laptop this summer once the @!#$!@# house closes (it's dragging on forever) so it will be nice to see if the lineup's tweaked or not.

My strobist-style gear has arrived from Midwest Photo Exchange (who I really like). It's fun - I just have an ancient 550ex flash for now on a little light stand with a little umbrella and it's triggered wirelessly when I take a picture. The point is that it folds up into an itty bitty carying case and I can take it anywhere including outdoor shoots.

I also started checking into a kind of photography I was doing in the mid 90s and set aside at some point. I just ordered a couple of little odds and ends I need to start doing it again. It's one of these things where I was thinking "Hmm, I bet with digital cameras that's a lot easier" and sure enough there's lots of folks doing it. It deserves its own post so I'll do that when I have some results in a couple of days (hopefully). Then large format's probably the next thing in the queue.

I'm shooting for a new set up on Wednesday but no promises. The regular business of doing model and portrait work continues (and I had a great portrait shoot Friday - maternity shoots are always so fun) but I find that having a project or two like the stuff above helps keep things fresh. But that's part of what's so cool about photography - if you get stuck you can always go do macro work or shoot bears or try some astrophotography. Sometimes it costs a lot of money but often you can rent...


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