Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Post Shoot Notes: Samantha

Since my backlog's basically gone, and since I'll probably edit this shoot first since it was just a quickie I thought I might as well go back to my traditional post shoot notes. As always, I just grabbed a shot based on the thumbnails.

This was a location shoot (meaning in this case indoors but not at my place) using mostly natural light but some shots use on camera flash, typically bounced against a wall or the ceiling or something. It was maybe 30-45 minutes of shooting and a normal shoot is 2-3 hours so it will probably be a short but sweet set.

I'll try to get them done around the weekend or a couple of days later but no promises.

The one odd thing about this shoot is that this is the first model I've shot nude who was born in 1991. I've shot slightly younger models but I don't work with 18 year olds that often and apparently either I hadn't yet this year or it just hadn't clicked but I definitely had a little moment of "That can't be right."

I'm feeling old.. but it's going to be worse next year. 1992 is the year I graduated from college and got married.


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