Monday, June 22, 2009

New Pictures: Maria Strobist Part I

I'm doing these out of order so this requires a bit of an explanation. As I mentioned, I got some lightweight stands and modifiers so I could use little battery powered lights off-camera. And as regular readers know my go-to model for any kind of a gear test is Maria. She's reliable, easygoing, she's experienced and familiar enough with what I want that I can just kind of tell her vaguely what I want and I can focus on the gear and not her, and she's lovely which sure doesn't help the final shots either!

We did basically a three part shoot. The first was in the studio. Now, the whole point of this stuff is to be able to use it on location, but to really see how the modifiers look and to get used to their quirks it just seemed easiest to replicate a standard nude studio shoot. So we did, and I'll use those shots over the next little while to talk about lighting and what different modifiers look like and such.

The second part was clothed in a couple of different dresses, in my backyard, under a couple of weirdo lighting conditions. I purposefully did some in awful conditions and some not. I played with some different ratios of flash light to ambient light, and tried some different angles. But I just used a single flash, and just a little softbox. Nothing fancy, just doing some testing.

The third part was taking some of the outfits we didn't use in part 2, and photographing them very quickly in the studio, dragging one regular studio light back into the room. It was just a quick way of getting some shots of those outfits without much risk that the new techniques wouldn't pan out or whatever.

So the dressup set I just posted is parts two and three. Basically it's like the bonus material from the main shoot, except I decided to get those done first so it's turned into more of a teaser. None of it's super polished but I think it's fun and thought I'd put it up for a while, anyway.

Don't forget that the Samantha pictures have a limited shelf life!


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