Monday, June 01, 2009

New Pictures: Finch

Here's Finch, this time at the Albany bulb for those of you who know your bay area shooting locations. This is the 14th nude shoot posted this year so I'm pretty much exactly where I want to be schedule-wise.

I have one more nude shoot and some non-nude stuff I've already shot that I need to go through. I have a mini-shoot scheduled for Monday but regular readers will know not to count chicks before they're hatched (or until they sign a model release?). It will be a bit different so we'll see if it works or not - it's possible that not a whole lot of pictures will see the light of day. Basically I'm going to allocate an hour to something and we'll see what happens.

The other bit of news is that I finally bit the bullet and ordered some odds and ends that I need to get a small flash (the kind that's designed to stick on top of a camera) operating remotely. I had most of it, and I've been meaning to play around with strobist-style techniques for a while, but between one thing and another I never quite got everything I needed. Now, I have a battery unit for my big studio strobes, and I've used them outdoors but my taste in studio gear tends towards big heavy steel c-stands and the like. The idea here is to have something more portable that can be carried to location shots that aren't near a car so I don't have to purely use available light. Should be useful, and in terms of learning new stuff there's just enough there to be fun, but not so much that it's too much to deal with right now given everything else going on in my life right now... I think things need to stabilize a bit before I pick up my 4x5 camera again...

Anyway, hopefully I'll have the stuff in a few days. Just one light worth for now, since that's how many manually adjustable flashes I have, but if I enjoy it I'll get a second flash and enough goodies to make a little two-light system.


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