Saturday, June 20, 2009

New model: Samantha

This was a weird shoot. It was kind of an unusual set of circumstances. I started to recap them but they're not that interesting - suffice to say that it was almost more like an extended pre-meet than a normal shoot, and I wanted to try a couple of experimental things. Not only was it only a half an hour shoot (!) but a great deal of what I tried failed badly (and will never be seen by anyone, sorry). In fact this is the shoot that convinced me to abandon on camera flash and invest in some more portable/quickie lighting options that don't involve me lugging studio gear around. I've used studio gear out in the field (literally, in a field) but it's very heavy and slow to set up and not always the best solution.

So the point is I put up a few shots where I used natural light.

The second thing you need to know is that I'm not linking to this other than the blog or the picture-only feed (icon to the right or on any image page). Just the blog (I'll also do a tweet pointing at this entry). The third thing is that I did two things to add an element of excitement - I dropped the price by half, and I'll be deleting the pictures in a week or so. Think "Impulse purchase" and that's what I had in mind. I reserve the right to put one or two in my odds and ends set, but at normal prices.

Past that, I have some non-model related shots to deal with, and then I'll start posting a bit with my initial experiences with the little flashes and my great combo nude/clothed shoot I did the other day.

Update: The experiment is over.


Anonymous kampffussel said...

I like that ... great atmosphere

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