Monday, June 15, 2009

Customer Service

These two scenarios happened two days apart, two miles apart.

1. We were in an office to do some paperwork. They weren't ready, they put us in a conference room, said it would be 10 minutes. 20 minutes later the baby is getting increasingly fussy and apparently our calming noises were too much because somebody came over and without saying a word shut the door on us. The whole time there's not a word, no "somebody will be with you in a moment", no apology, no explanation, no nothing. 10 more minutes go by - we're there 30 minutes total now, and still nothing. We get up and leave. No apology from them at all.

2. I'm in a pizza place (Pyzano's). At the table next to us, where they ordered just before us somebody comes out to tell them a mistake was made with their order, and they're sorry, and the new one's already in the oven, but it's not going to be done in the 15 minutes promised. 5 minutes later somebody comes out and apologizes again and brings some free delicious-looking cheese bread stuff so they can nibble while they're waiting. Another 5 minutes go by, they get the pizza and another apology. It's been a total of 25 minutes since they ordered and they've received one explanation, three apologies, and some free food.

Pyzano's is always packed. Friday and Saturday nights there's a line out the door and an hours wait for pizza once you get to that point. They could afford to blow off a few customers. Heck, I've seen the owner get into an argument with the customer where the customer used one swear word and got their money refunded and their ass kicked out and told never to return. But if they said 15 minutes, and it's 25, they make sure you know what's going on, and do what they can to make sure you're OK.

Interesting to see how some companies get it and some don't. You would think with the dodgy economy companies would try to pay some attention to this kind of stuff (the apologies are free, and how much could that cheese bread stuff possibly have cost?).

PS Father's day is coming up. Gift Card

Update: We did in the end go back to place #1 to finish up our house paperwork (it was a title company). And they were totally different - actually were ready for us, offered us something to drink, etc. etc. Apparently sometimes the squeeky wheel does get the grease (and I think our agent, who sends them a ton of business, read them the riot act). Hopefully they'll remember that for their other customers while they still have other customers.


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