Sunday, April 05, 2009

More Sara Mann

So this is kind of fun - almost exactly a year ago I mentioned that I'm a fan of Sara Mann who is a talented singer/songwriter and being a guy and all I also appreciate that she's absurdly cute. She'd just brought out her new CD, which you should buy, but basically things went back to normal - she'd do the occasional LA gig and I haven't really been down there much and that's that.

Well, she just got a new job - she's singing backup for Miley Cyrus, who is apparently running around promoting a new movie. So she was on Leno the other day, and tonight's the country music awards, and then Regis on Tuesday, and then Good Morning America on Wednesday... I'm not sure how many of those I'll watch but it was fun to record Leno and when Miley was doing her thing to be able to say "I know who that is! No, the cute one in the back!"


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