Monday, April 06, 2009

Heads Up

So the plan is to release the next set on Friday, plus or minus a day (yes, that's her). I'm still playing with this idea of introducing new pictures cheap but quickly ramping the price up and I'm going to do another test. I'll upload the set, post it to twitter and the feeds (see the orange icons on the right). Over the course of the day I'll tweak the price upwards a couple of times until it hits the usual introductory rate - the same as I start items for on eBay, which lets people who keep a good eye on the site avoid having to screw around with eBay to get the best price. Then it's just like normal - I'll link it in from the main page, blog it, etc. etc. and a couple of days later raise the price to the regular rate.

I'm not committing to this as a long term strategy, but initial indications are that people think it's fun and everybody likes a deal. My hands are a bit tied in terms of pricing because you never want to lower prices on a collectable item (not if you want people to keep collecting it hoping it will appreciate) but I don't see anybody getting too irritated with new material starting for less and then ramping up quickly. It's basically like a tried and true photographer pricing model which is tiered pricing. (If anybody doesn't know - you do limited editions where say 1-5 sell at one price, then 6-10 at a higher price, etc. etc. In theory it lets pricing take care of itself and more popular items end up costing more, but if you have a bunch of pictures to track it's a giant pain in the ass.) I'm just doing it on a time basis instead of screwing around with print counts.

Update: Saturday's looking a lot more likely than today.


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i love your photos!

regards from germany


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