Monday, March 09, 2009


I'm very sleepy - often am after shoots, actually, but I've been working hard on house stuff and not getting enough sleep and it's catching up with me.

That's the last shot of today's shoot. I have five model shoots banked, as well as some non-nude stuff. I've been editing some Monterey pictures and one nude shoot and hope to have both up by the end of the week but no promises. Then probably Yosemite the week after that and then another model the next week. But I'm really just guessing.

The good news is that the move of the actual house is almost done (not the garage though - that still needs work). Yesterday we moved a 55 gallon fish tank which believe me is no picnic. You can't move one full (even if you were strong enough the tank can't hold the weight unsupported - it's hundreds of pounds) and so you have to tear everything down, take all the water out, put the plants in bags (live plants), catch the fish, put those in bags, move everything, set it up, fill it with water, and go through a process to get them used to the new water. It basically takes all day and you spend a lot of it just getting soaked with fish water. Yuck! I'll take a picture of it at some point - it's a lovely tank with the live plants and all. The fish all seem to have made it OK - it's a concern even with a very short move, really.

So the good news is that other than dealing with the garage the old house is mostly going to be in the hands of professionals - getting the last things fixed up that I don't have time/energy/ability to do (like refinishing the floors) and then the actual selling it part (oh, that). So I can finish up with the unpacking here and other than the kitchen floor thing the to do list isn't too crazy. And I have I think three shoots scheduled next week. But I'm hoping to have things basically stable at both places and lots of shoots banked before another project I'm involved with hits its next stage...


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