Thursday, March 26, 2009


First off, thanks again for the folks who have been going to the support the site link and clicking through to Amazon. I just got another little gift certificate code from them. It's not big bucks, but it just takes a moment, it's free, and if it means I can buy the occasional hard drive or book then that's pretty cool.

I'm working on the next set - I'm hoping for early in the week but we'll see. I had a couple of nice gals contact me about shooting and I'll hopefully be shooting them soon and that tends to slow things down a bit. I have enough shoots banked that I'm being extra super picky about models but it's amazing how you can find time when the right gal contacts you.

I've been toying with an idea, which is to launch the set a day early and only post the link on my twitter account. Make the prices really cheap for a day, then publish the usual way. I might try it just once as an experiment but if it works it might be kind of fun to do it occasionally. If I do, I won't be warning people too close to the event, so if you might want to take advantage of that watch me sooner rather than later.

The funeral for the four Oakland police officers killed recently is tomorrow morning (I used to be a couple of blocks from the Oakland border - I'm a bit further now). It's public - in a sports arena. They're apparently anticipating a huge turnout because the arena holds around 20,000 people and they're using the stadium next door for overflow (using the big TV screens). It's also going to be live on TV. All of Oakland PD will be there - all of the other regional police departments will be covering for them, so if any bad guys are reading this don't get any clever ideas! I think it would be an exceptionally bad day to piss off a cop.


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