Friday, March 27, 2009

Stripper Kelp

I said exactly one week ago "One bit of good news is that I've had very little trouble with flakes and the like lately." Apparently I jinxed it because I have a new story. I had a model show up with no ID. A just turned 18, very, very cute, very young looking Filipina. Who apparently dances at a gentleman's establishment in the city for a living, so you hope she really is 18, but even if you're not shooting 2257 content (and I don't luckily) there's some basic due diligence that every nude photographer with any sense does, and that includes checking ID and keeping a copy. I even do that for portrait shoots, just so if there's ever any question I have it.

I've done a couple of hundred model shoots and I've never had a model show up with no ID. I do make it clear what the rules are and that they have to bring one and what kind. So what a dilema. I ended up driving her back to the subway (and what an awkward drive that was!)

Luckily everything was set up in the studio already so the only time lost was takng her to/from the station which is very close. I'd be a lot more angry and a lot less amused if I had the one hour setup/one hour teardown I had when I was shooting in the living room...


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