Monday, March 23, 2009

New Pictures: Iona Lynn

Iona Lynn was kind enough to drop by the house just about a month ago - that's how far behind I am - and we got in some good studio time. I talk a lot about how I'm a pretty systematic/iterative guy and one thing I learned on this shoot was that you can't see my house number at night! Luckily she called and I went out and waved, but we ended up installing a new set of house numbers right below the outside light.

Oddly enough the numbers on the two sides of the street get out of sync, so if you're looking at the wrong side it looks like you missed it. It does eventually correct a house or two down where the numbers on my side make a big jump to catch up. Odd. I'd really never noticed - when I first started coming here I just looked for the "for sale" sign - but that's a line to include in the model directions.

I'm hoping to get the next set up in roughly a week.

Today's house adventure - stuck furnace valve. Sigh. All better now but that's not a cheap part and not something I'd want to install myself (anything involving a gas line, really).


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