Friday, March 13, 2009

New Model: Kristen

OK, I'm up to a Feb 19th shoot with Kristen. I think that was the first shoot showing off the floor, and the first where I was playing with gels in the new space - some of which didn't work, so that section's smaller in the final set than it was in terms of shooting time. Actually that's kind of an interesting thing to point out - if say 50% of a shoot is pretty much old standards I know will work... it was probably 20% of the actual shooting time. There's just a higher keeper ratio and almost no setup time for certain things. There's some lighting setups I do nearly every shoot because I know I can spend literally just 10 minutes on it and get a couple of keepers.

I have four nude and the snowy Yosemite sets to go, and I literally have four shoots planned next week so I don't know what my editing timeframe will be. If I have a little time each day hopefully I can get the Yosemite stuff out - I don't think it's going to be that much work, it's more a question of just sitting down and doing it.


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