Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Free domestic shipping!

There's actually lots of news, so even if you're outside the US you may want to read to the end.

First off, that's Finch, if you haven't seen her new set yet, you should.

Secondly, I have only one copy left of my latest book, Nudes. It's on eBay and I don't plan on stocking any more, at least for a while, although you'll be able to get unsigned copies from the publisher. For links see the books page. Basically it's just a complexity I'm trying to avoid at the moment. But one good side effect is that it makes my shipping options easier which leads us to number three...

...free domestic shipping. No two print minimum, no oddball price set to avoid free shipping on book orders. I don't have to say "Free shipping as long as..." I can just say "Free domestic shipping" and be done with it. I'm not sure it will make a big difference to most customers since most customers buy multiple prints, but every bit helps, right?

The fourth thing is that I'm offering 20x30 prints on a trial basis. I changed my template for the last, oh, 10-20 shoots to include 20x30 prints. I wasn't counting, it was more of a gut feel thing of "This one's recent, why not?". Note that I haven't added it to the discount template yet so if you see a print set in the first couple of days where I tend to list lab prints at the "floor" (aka "eBay auction") price that I don't go below to give regulars less incentive to bargain hunt on eBay, it's not there yet. I may or may not add it. We'll see.

If it's popular I may go through more carefully and add in a few more sets, or if you want to buy any print at 20x30 just email me (link on right sidebar) and we'll talk.

I've avoided prints that large historically just because they're darn big and I don't know many people who have a space for a print that big except over the couch and nudes aren't really traditional couch art. But there's no real reason not to let folks decide for themselves. Most pictures should look fine at that size at a normal viewing distance - but if you stick your face in close you won't get any more detail than a 16x20. It won't be jaggy or anything, just don't expect to see every pore popping out. Probably just as well, really.

Anyway, we'll try it for a while. If there are unexpected problems I can always pull the option, or for that matter it may get pulled due to lack of interest. I tend to pull options that don't really sell. People can always email me if they want something special and the more options you add the more you distract from the buttons people actually want to be hitting...


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