Monday, March 30, 2009

eBay Notes

One of those little things you have to do with an eBay store is to basically go through and rotate inventory. The reason why is that basically as things sell you're left with the stuff that didn't sell... and over time that's all you have - a store full of the stuff nobody wanted. Oops. So a few times a year I go through and pull stuff that's a bit dated and shred them (literally - I destroy old prints) and then I go through my inventory and make sure there are 2-3 shots in the store for each model where I have prints on hand. It's been a little longer than it should have been because I've been so busy and so I removed quite a few and then added some back in, primarily for models I've shot in the last couple of months. If you like the whole instant gratification thing of buying prints I have on hand check it out.

I should maybe mention part of why I have inventory in the first place with the lab prints is that the lab has a minimum order and when somebody orders something I'm often picking up a couple of extra 8x10s. Sometimes I can combine orders and avoid this but in order to provide fast service mostly I just order prints as soon as the order comes in and just plan on selling the extras on eBay.

The other thing I should mention is that I'm going to stop listing on eBay for a bit - just a week or two. I've been kind of neglecting it - listing really randomly in terms of amount and time of day and generally not following best practices. And sometimes it's better just to say, OK, I'm just going to stop for a bit, then do a reboot and set up scheduled auctions for a couple of weeks and really do things properly.

The last thing is that I've decided to play a little game with Twitter. I mentioned I might do something like this but I've firmed it up. Tomorrow I'll post a new set with a favorite model, and only post the link to Twitter. The set will have cheap prices - what I was charging a couple of price increases ago. And just a few hours later that same day I'll set it up as a regular set and publish it normally. I have no idea if this will generate any interest or not - I only have a few followers on Twitter and I have no idea what percentage of the people who read the blog (which is much smaller than the number of people on the rest of the site daily) are even on Twitter. But what the hell, if nobody extra adds me or buys anything it's still just a tiny bit of extra work and no real harm done.


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