Monday, March 02, 2009

Canon 5D Mark II Video

That's Maria - just trying to get back in the habit of illustrating these.

I've mentioned Sully Sullenberger's amazing landing of Flight 1549 on the Hudson River before. Here's some cool video of the plane being towed to its new location. It's just plain a cool video, but on a technical level it's also interesting that it was shot with a 5D Mark II - does a good job with some pretty iffy lighting conditions.

I'd like one but it's pretty hard to justify. I have a 5D for studio and I'll use a 40D when I need speed or the crop is advantageous. The vast majority of the new features apply to things I do occasionally but not to the actual stuff that makes me money (believe it or not I'm not shooting at ISO 3200 with studio strobes, duh). Well, maybe if I get a good price when I sell my little shack of a house.

Speaking of which, the computer's moved so I can do editing much, much more easily now. I'll be doing some today - I have a knee that's bugging me and it's raining so it strikes me as more of a catch-up-on-the-business day than a move-contents-of-the-china-cabinet day. I'm going to do shoots out of order - I'm just going to cherry pick whichever one looks most straightforward.


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