Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So slooooowww....

The remodeling/moving process continues to drag on. The good news is that the new place has DSL now (after AT&T lost the order) so I can think about moving the office stuff soon. The bedroom stuff and a few other large items I don't want to move myself are actually being moved right now (I'm sitting on the floor trying to stay out of the way). Which reminds me - I've rented a ten foot truck from Budget a few times recently and I'm really happy with them. I keep hearing U-Haul stories from Hell but Budget's been great and I hear good things about Penske too. The big thing is to check your car insurance to see if they cover a truck - it basically doubles the cost if you have to get the liability waiver.

One outdoor shoot got rained out but we'll do a studio shoot shortly. I have I think four pretty firm studio shoots scheduled. I've made basically no progress on editing and may not until the office stuff gets moved. It's unfortunate to have the rate of new material bogging down like this but this stuff all needs to happen and I do have overhead of having to make orders, package them up, etc. which is ongoing even with no new material. So the regular order flow is going fine, it's just that something has to give and it's turning out to be the editing. I could very easily have a half dozen or more shoots banked before things return to normal...


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