Thursday, February 26, 2009


Good news - did the first studio shoot during the day and the late afternoon daylight has some nice possibilities.

Bad news - I need to wash the window first! And maybe move the ladder that's just out of the frame (I cropped it out). And the screen's a tiny bit dodgy in places.

Actually I'm thinking there are some upstairs windows that might be better, but I wanted to see if the bench area in the studio looked natural or not. Not too bad actually.

This is a pretty good example of my iterative approach - just spend a few minutes on it, look at the full sized version and see what went wrong, and next model who's in the studio that time of day gets to sit on the same bench and we see if it got better or not. I'll also get some with the blinds down - they make a great light, but it might be harder to get a natural angle, and it will only work when it's brighter - this was actually with some cloud cover.

It's also an example of yes, I can clone out the dirt in Photoshop, and probably will keep one or two and do that, but going forward it's faster to get it right in-camera (aka "clean the damn window already.")


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