Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh, yeah, that

A couple of little things I've been meaning to post about...

One is that I'm retiring Shadows on 3/1/2009. It's currently available only direct from the printer. I think I mentioned this when I retired the two older books, so just a reminder. If I remember I'll mention it once more a couple of days before but no promises.

The other is that I fiddled with the shipping a little around a week ago and forgot to post about it. It's easier to get free shipping now, especially internationally. You can see the details over on the shipping rates page. Basically even though the exact dollar values are different, given current print pricing if you're international or domestic it's two 8x10s or one of any other kind of print. The reason I didn't just make them exactly the same has to do with books - basically I don't make much from them and they often end up requiring one of the more expensive shipping options, especially if you combine them with prints. So I'm just giving myself a little extra headroom so the combination of one 8x10 and one book will be free shipping in the US but not internationally.


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