Friday, February 06, 2009

New Model: Mischief Vixen

I just uploaded the Mischief Vixen shots. That's the last of the shoots from the old studio.

So the plan going forward is going to be much like what I was doing around the holidays when I had a bunch of shoots batched and then did editing later. Basically I'm going to write post shoot notes when they're fresh but post-date them for some upcoming Monday using the scheduling feature. And then that will give me a deadline to get that set done by Friday. And basically there will be a set every week or two. That seemed to work pretty well.

PS Tomorrow's my birthday!
PPS Unrelated update - CNN has a nice montage of clips and photos related to the crash landing in the Hudson River combined with the air traffic control tape. I know people who went to see Sully Sullenberger arrive back in Danville (he lives not too far from here) and many thousands showed up even though they made it clear it was locals-only and they'd be blocking all parking for miles.
PPPS Coincidentally as I was driving over to Marin to see Kodo the gal I was with mentioned she'd been in Danville just recently and lots of businesses on the main drag have big signs in the window that say simply "Thanks Sully!" Is that cool or what?


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