Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chugging along

Moving and hanging art today. I also need to frame or get framed some cool prints that I've traded for but didn't have room to display, including a couple of platinum prints from different photographers. The move/remodel continues to be a long, drawn out affair but the inspector's signed off on all the permit items so that's good news.

I've had some great shoots. I'll probably sit down within the next week and put out another set but it might stretch out a bit. I did have one shoot that looks like we're going to retroactively make a portrait shoot (the model got a kind of cold feet about her shots being on the Internet, but loves the work and wants a copy and I think we've worked out a deal. I'm ultimately going to get a bit screwed because they're worth more to sell but I do try to be flexible - I've had normal portrait clients who were just stunning - it happens.) Anyway, not including that one I still have three shoots banked, one scheduled tomorrow, and the outdoor stuff to process as well.

I just had yet another drawing artist or wannabe-artist ask permission to do something with my work and when I said no to part of it they called me names and said they would do it anyway. This sort of thing happens remarkably often - it's really soured me on anybody using my work as a reference. And really, why even ask if you respect the artist so little as to do something like that?

I've had so many bad experiences with that sort of thing it's crazy. Another twist is that somebody paints your work saying it's non commercial but when they need some cash, there it goes on eBay and they're selling basically a direct copy of your photo for $99. Non-commercial my ass.

But basically I don't have time to think about that stuff. I'm either moving or doing little homeowner stuff, like I just added a hook to the little bathroom off the studio so the models can hang stuff up, and there's some touchup painting where the movers gouged holes in the wall (sigh), and I have to install a new floor/baseboard in the kitchen at some point. You get the idea.

Oh, and a recession note - I've had lots of photographers asking about advice on how to sell prints because they could use some extra income. And of course this is exactly when it's slow. eBay in particular seems to be falling apart - sales there are just plain ugly and I've been checking the competition and it's not just me. In fact many of them have just stopped listing entirely. I'm actually tempted to take a break myself but I think it's better to just continue at a low level and get what sales I can.

I've noticed more wannabe models who basically are looking for a quick buck. I'm not sure this is really a good thing - I've always preferred to work with models who get my work. It also may make it harder to do print trade deals or I may switch to more mixed print/cash deals. But I imagine this summer a lot of college-aged models may not have summer jobs and will have more time to shoot. We'll see. I'm in this for the long haul and I wasn't planning on anything that requires a lot of investment (although there are always unexpected expenses if gear breaks) so it's all kind of moot as long as I can keep the starving artist thing from becoming too literal.


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