Friday, February 20, 2009

Behind the scenes

Shot one: this is with a single light. It's fairly high up, to the left and slightly behind. It's maybe a 30 degree grid (if that doesn't mean anything, think "mid sized spotlight").

Shot two: Turn off the strobe, turn on the overhead light, and just take a snapshot. It's a bit blurry because that light isn't very bright. Note all the crap in the background. It was all there when I took the first image, it just doesn't show up in the shot because no light's hitting it. The light that lit the first shot is on the black stand where I described it earlier - to the left and slightly behind. It's not the short one further back, it's the tall one where the actual strobe is out of the frame. (I use two shorter light stands and two taller ones, all c-stands.)


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