Thursday, January 08, 2009

Studio update

Well, we're getting there. Here's a shot from before we owned it compared to how it looks today. Hopefully the new light and blinds will arrive soon - that will make a big difference to how it looks. There's also some other stuff to do but it won't be as obvious in a small picture.

(That wood's fir or something - we knew it would be blotchy even after finishing but it looks pretty OK, it's perfectly functional, and it was cheaper than adding even a low end floating floor.)

Update: Looks even better totally dry... but it's way too stinky to do any work in there for a bit. The blinds have arrived and will be installed shortly. I measured and the actual floor is about 11.5 feet by 18 feet, and the room itself is about a foot larger in either dimension (the difference being the bench area). That's fine for my purposes.


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