Saturday, January 17, 2009

Server Update

As I write this the server's down. I've scheduled Blogger to post it at 11:00am (PST) - the site's supposed to be back up at 10:00am. We'll see if it goes through or not.

The more I think about the outage the more irritated I am. I run multiple sites and let friends/relatives use one of the domains for email. (These were all set up before services like gmail were common/reliable). So I'm a kind of mini-ISP, as it were. And they sent me notice at 8:00pm local time - 11:00pm back east - saying the servers would be out starting at 7:00am. So I send email to all these people sometime after 8:00pm, depending on when I happen to check it (which isn't that often since I'm working on the new place). What if they don't check? What if I lived in New York?

So everybody checks their email in the morning, and the server's down. Or maybe I had some auctions scheduled - too bad, they won't have pictures when they close. Too bad if you were selling something valuable. It's not like you're paying for a business-grade account... oh, wait, you are? Well, tough.

And to say, well, it's OK, because we're "going green" - I'm sorry, you must have ordered all the stuff and set this up weeks ago. I think if you had sent me the email notifying me a day or two ahead somehow the environment would be OK. It's not like the benefits from the surprise factor. The polar bears would have been just as happy if I were notified in advance. Anyway, everybody knows the real reason a company saves power is to save money - if they were really interested in going green they wouldn't run a huge datacenter - they're massive power hogs even if you do make a few little improvements here and there. If they really cared they wouldn't just have moved the servers to San Diego where they need even more air conditioning than before.

This is kind of a last straw. I've had support problems recently, downtime, a botched server move, and now just general idiocy. I've removed Lunarpages from the sidebar. Until I do a full republish it won't disappear everywhere but if you can read this hopefully the main page has been updated. I'll remove the link from the support the site page when things are back up and I'm back from some errands. I think I'm paid up until the end of the year so I won't be moving instantly, or at all if things settle down, but as of now I don't feel like I can recommend them.

Update: There's a thread about this on their forums. Title "Total lack of common sense and consideration". Sounds about right. I've also noticed that my server seems to be coming up and down fairly randomly. Not good.


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