Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post Shoot Notes: Bob!

OK, she's not really named Bob.

The test chart one's the first frame, the other one's just a shot I liked from the thumbnails. It's just a beauty dish with a grid.

I tried a couple of little things different - some appear to have worked better than others but I'll get them dialed in some other time. But mostly just a new but nice (and lovely!) model and doing some simple stuff and getting back into the flow of things. I was running behind getting everything set up so the planning was, um, nonexistent but it worked out OK.

Gear-wise the only thing new is a new wireless setup. Looks like every light fired for every frame. We did some jumping and other shots that require shooting a fair number of frames. Probably I'd just have one or two failures with the old setup so it's not like I was having big problems - I got the new units mostly as a forwards compatibility thing but also because they can trigger regular battery strobes off-camera and can trigger the camera. I'll post a mini-review of what I'm using later after another shoot or two. One issue is that I'm trying to get something resolved with a 3rd party cable that's miswired and I'm hoping for a resolution so I can talk about everything at once.

I have another studio shoot tomorrow and then all the gear moves into the new place. Hopefully I'll do the baseboard Friday and I'll really be ready to roll.

One thing I need to think about is the fact that I can rent/lend it out as a studio - it's pretty self contained and always set up so if somebody's going to be in the area it's not like having somebody shooting in my living room, which is what I'm doing now. It would probably be just for people I know or are at least friends of friends but as long as people know what they're getting (small but decent, nothing fancy but it all works) it can be a help. Sometimes you'll have a photographer who's on vacation and borrowing studios as they go, or they don't have a home studio and the regular rental places are all booked but they need to do something on a certain date or something. So it probably wouldn't be a real commercial venture or anything, more of a "bail out a buddy" thing.

Anyway, I'll try to get these edited sooner rather than later... it should be before the price increase (Feb 1st) but if not I'll have these at the lower prices for a little while just so nobody thinks I stalled on purpose. :-)


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very nice work keep on shooting -Frank

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