Saturday, January 03, 2009

Next Price Increase

The next price increase will be the first week in February, 2009. Exact date to be determined later (I'm going to be busy around then).

These are "list prices" on the website and eBay store. For eBay auctions they get started somewhat lower - as an example the eBay auction price for an 8x10 lab print is $39.95. That's also the price for a couple of days after a new set is listed so that people don't feel like they have to go to eBay to get the best deal (but only if they're keeping an eye on the site... or just lucky).

Note that some prices are staying the same. I'm using this change to adjust the ratios between different print types to make them more consistent. So an 11x14 is always twice as much as an 8x10, and a 16x20 is three times. Silver and cyanotype are three times more than a lab print of the same size. Platinum is four times. Cyanotype over platinum is currently just the sum of the parts.

Silver Fiber prints are going up the most because I'd always said the current prices were artificially low to get some test prints rolling, and I decided just recently instead of adjusting those alone and then doing the overall adjustment later I'd just bundle it all together. So there's a bit of sticker shock there, but at least everybody has plenty of warning.

Going forward I'll basically try to keep these ratios intact, although there may be some rounding involved in the future. I also might adjust platinum to five times as an example. But I mostly expect things will proceed along together.

Lab prints:
8x10 $49.95
11x14 $99.95
16x20 $149.95

Silver prints:
8x10 $149.95
11x14 $299.95
16x20 $449.95

Handmade prints:
cyanotype $149.95
platinum $199.95
cyanotype over platinum $349.95


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